Jan 23, 2012

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At the moment I am finding life pretty overwhelming. With a busy job and living with MS, I find that I am unable to do what I want and end up doing a lot of what I do not want. But I suspect that it isn’t just me. There is only so much that we can take as human beings.  We are all finite and our capacity for many things is limited, whether we are ill or not.  We can only handle so much emotion, so many people, so many things to do, and we live in a world which is not very good at accepting those limitations.  It seems to me that most people I know are not sleeping enough and this is an example of that, there are so many demands on our time and attention. TV, the internet, 24 hr shopping and so many things that technology brings make it possible for us to be so absorbed or distracted that we lose track of time and don’t feel how tired we are. When our minds are so stimulated it is very difficult to wind down and sleep.  It used to be a basic thing of understanding: knowing what we need to slow down and sleep, but now it is increasingly forgotten.