Sep 20, 2014

I know why the sleepless bird sings

It seems that every Autumn I find myself sick again. With a supressed immune system it is hard to avoid all the germs around. Along with a nasty cold come the worsening MS symptoms and the fear of disease degeneration rears its head again. My eyes are blurry, my legs spastic and the tingling in my legs is keeping me awake.
On the upside I am able to listen to recorded books from the library and I have the echoes of Maya Angelou in my head. Her voice is so clear, lyrical and powerful as she tells her story in 'I know why the caged bird sings' and it has moved me out of self pity. Her ability to tell of abuse with honest clarity is overwhelming and together with all the horrific current news stories I find that I am running to the place of safety in the haunting thoughts of the night.

"On my bed I remember you;
    I think of you through the watches of the night.
Because you are my help,
    I sing in the shadow of your wings,
I cling to you;
    your right hand upholds me."

Sep 15, 2014

Update on our friend

We heard from our friend last night and he is ok and I am so relieved. One week after leaving he was arrested for public drunkeness and was in jail for 2 weeks. I think this was a mercy as it brought him to his senses, sobered him up and kept him from worse harm. He is now working and sorting out the damage. It has been tough but I do feel our prayers were answered. He knows we love him and communication has been restored. He cannot leave the state he is living in, but we will see him again.
Love hurts sometimes as the song goes. We are getting a window into the addicts world and it is not easy. Love is the best we have to offer in a broken world.