Nov 14, 2013

Calm and Character Lines

At last I have my home to myself again, it has been a long and busy two weeks. It is pleasant to lie snugggled in a warm bed with silence as my only company. For many this is not a happy state but after a house teaming with people it is nice to enjoy this moment.  Quiet and space help to give my mind rest and time to process all the events and conversations. Many have been significant, but there have also been challenges and life has it's usual high's and lo's. Fatigue always follows a time like this and it tethers my ankles in it's endless attempt to trip me up, but I am thankful for what I can still do.

I am glad to feel that my work is significant and even though I practically do less, the conversations and times of teaching are often satifying and appreciated more.  As the body wears down with age, I do think that the maturity of years has definite benefits as life's lessons can bear fruit. These lessons are hard won and carry their scars and worn edges, adding a sense of character along with the lines. I hope I end up with a lovely face like this lady as life etches itself onto my face.