Oct 15, 2012

New Possabilities

This afternoon I had a moments awareness that left me feeling encouraged; I realized that I have improved at letting go of the things that I am unable to do. I have always been a can do girl, ready to whip out the hammer and to figure out solutions by myself. My secret identity of a female MacGyver has been like a badge that I would proudly shine in the mirror. "Yup, I can solve problems!"

But not so much any more. I have grimly held on to this idea of self as I have teettered on ladders, lugged heavy objects across the floor, grabbed on to furniture as I took the corner too fast and slid down the stairs on my behind.

So this is my public declaration: From now on I am letting the hot air out of my inflated pride, stepping back and taking a deep breath. I can now say "I can't do it" and be OK with it... most of the time. I am not a power house of a woman, but as I let this go (not that I ever was), I am comforted by the fact that I can hold my head up in the mirror and smile. I am still growing and learning as a person and God has not given up on me. There is a new world of possabilities available, even as my physical world slowly shrinks. It is never too late to learn new things and I can have fun trying. I am learning strength of character and I am not rolling over and dying, I'm just doing things differently.
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