May 8, 2013

Where am I?

Last week on Monday it was 60 degrees, then this is how things looked on Thursday May 4th, the biggest snow storm in May EVER, then on the next Monday it was 73! I just can't figure it out and neither can the chickens, they have gone off the lay and I can't blame them at all. We went to Mexico to a beach wedding for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and escaped for a little but I feel it just added to the sense of being turned around. It is a strange world where we can lurch from such extremes, from country to country then back, from snow to heat. To add to it all I am sick with the shingles. I feel like I don't know which way is up or where I am. I am looking forward to getting back to being settled and in a routine. This weekend we are putting on a memorial and reception for Edith Schaeffer which is a big challenge in itself. What next? I am afraid to ask, but I know that without friends and faith I wouldn't be making it.
May 4th
Postscript: May 11th the forecast is for 90 degrees (32 C) and the memorial went well. I am still sick, I over did it on the weekend and now in bed resting up at last.

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