Aug 2, 2013


Hummingbirds are a constant source of fascination, such frail and delicate creatures that are also incredibly strong and feisty. I did not grow up with them and take delight in all their antics, just yesterday as I was arranging flowers at my kitchen sink I looked up to find one hovering at the window in front of me trying to get in. These are not timid birds and quickly become used to my presence as their feeder is on the other side of the glass. When I am outside they will happily drink from the bee balm near my porch and dash with a squeak past me as they engage in warfare over rights to the feeder. For several years one would always greet me each morning on the wire outside catching the early rays, preening off the cold of night and limbering up for a day of acrobatics. They have charmed me and my goal is to feed them by hand, I have seen pictures of this amazing feat.

Nature is a great mental escape from the confines of the house and mind. It helps to bring life into perspective and to fill me with awe, it is just so marvelous.

UPDATE:  a hummingbird landed on my head yesterday and looked all around my pink teeshirt for food as the feeder was empty!

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