May 21, 2014

Spring travels

This spring in Minnesota is a brief few days. Sadly the Winter was so harsh and many perennials didn't make it. Now the weather is going from cold to hot and we will be in Summer in a flash. I did track down a few morels and battered them for lunch, and I enjoyed seeing the wild ginger in bloom today. This week has also seen American redstarts for the first time in my back yard. The highlight though was coming across a baby faun while looking for mushrooms. It was curled up and sound asleep in the woods. We startled it and it got up and stumbled away, it was so delicate and spotted - such a picture of innocence.  

I have been spoiled this year so cannot complain about the weather. I spent December in Australia, then 2 weeks in February and April in Missouri, and 2 weeks in England also in April. All in all I have already had one summer and 2 springs this year. Not bad considering it is only May.

We were in England for work for 1 week, but we took an extra week and caught up with family in Chester and friends in Hampshire. My husband treated me to a night in a lovely hotel in one of our favourite villages, Bosham in Sussex. I am feeling very fortunate indeed.

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