Jun 30, 2014

A walk in the woods

A butterfly flittered onto my arm as I was walking and for a while it rested there, taking a ride. It was a privilege to have it sojourn in all it's beauty  as I passed on my way.  The woods are like a haven to many creatures and I feel at peace resting there too. Twin fauns lie in the undergrowth with their large eyes and ears illumined by the late afternoon light. They are accustomed to sharing this space and remain in their place, even as I stand regarding them, telling them not to worry. A pileated woodpecker has also grown confident around us and has been busy breaking up rotten logs on the ground by our footpath. To sit and watch it work at close range is a wonder as it's red head is so large and powerful and it's drumming echos at long range.
After all the rain the mushrooms seem to be exploding out of the ground. Every time I walk past, there is something new. I loved finding the huge amanita with its bridal veil and vast cap standing to attention like it has been there all it's life. But it comes and goes mysteriously, only gracing us with its presence a few days a year.
I find nature to be a respite from the challenges of daily life. My brain clears of all it's noise and I find my equillibrium as I reflect on the natural. What a priviledge to have to go to work through a walk in the woods.

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