Aug 7, 2014

Building a house on a rock.

Life is not all about where to go, it is about how to go.
For me, I want to build with bricks and mortar.
On ground that is solid and firm.
The restlessness of childhood comes back with a wave of memory,
like a waft of tissue floating in the air.
A glimpse of ephemeral sorrow and lost aloneness,
what is real, what is true, what will save me?

Warm defences and not defenceless.
Meaning, purpose, clarity and knowing.
It is the only way to dispel the lies and deceit,
the false accusations, the abuse.
What was wrong, was wrong.
There is hope, love and salvation.
The lies can be dispensed with and the sure ground inhabited.
Here I stand, this is who I am,
I am not under your control but am held safe,
Held tenderly with clear sight and no deceit.

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