Jan 7, 2015

Falling head over heels

This last month we enjoyed a lovely time with family on the Eastern shore of Virginia. My husband's sister lives there with her family and we enjoyed lots of fresh seafood, country and beach walks, and sitting by the fire catching up on news. This vacation was no exception but for an incident that came close to derailing the whole thing. 

This was a wake up call as I stumbled on the unfamiliar stairs and went flying backwards down 5 stairs, head first. For a split second I thought this could be it, but thankfully though I landed on my head I only had a big bump and mild concussion. I did get checked out but the shock has left me more mindful of my imbalance and how fortunate I was not to break my neck. Now I am rightly more cautious and sadly less carefree as I navigate around the house. The cane always goes out with me now and I slow down and watch more closely. This was a year of numerous falls and I am finally recognizing that I have to live a more careful life.

Limitations are a hard thing to swallow and losses need to be grieved over, but I am also so grateful that I was spared a terrible outcome. Falls always are humbling and never pleasant, but humility is not to be scoffed at but embraced. I need to remind myself that humility is not worthlessness but goes hand in hand with dignity. I am no less significant, just less arrogant. Pride does indeed come before a fall, along with carelessness.
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