Aug 23, 2012

Rest and Trust.

I find that as I am stretched and at the end of my resources, there is a sweetness that is not of my own doing but a precious gift which has been handed to me, just as I feel that I have been hit by my lowest ebb in a long time. Several of the girls that we have staying with us, have all separtely been so concerned for me and today, they have expressed their desire to help take care of me, as I have been caring for them. I was wondering where I could get help from and here I find that it is the very people to whom I have been wanting to help. They reminded me that I need to take my own advice and to rest and trust, echoing my own words back to me.  Sometimes we need to let go and be reminded that we will not fall but are in fact being held. The Lord is kind and so I am writing in my pyjamas after a long bath and it is only 9:00 pm. Sigh.