Aug 21, 2012

A shared life.

Today I am feeling as though I am dealing with just too many things. Some days carry both too much joy as well as sorrow, feeling encouraged yet weighed down with leaden feet. Life can just be too much sometimes and at the end of the day I feel sad, yet I know there is so much more than this moment. Each day is spent sharing life with young folk from all over. Today I had important conversations with Russian, German and Dutch people, along with several Americans. Some left me lifted and others were very discouraging. And it all leaves me spent. I am so fortunate to be talking with people about what is important, but I am reminded of how it is God who changes lives and I can only point the way. One lad is finding it so hard to escape his addictions I just felt at the end of my rope today, he has lived with us for 3 months and it is hard to see how deep he is hanging on to old patterns and it fills me with sadness. Yet I know the Lord has not given up with him so we press on.