Sep 7, 2012

A not so good morning but I can only laugh..

This morning, from the start did not bode well, when my husband's alarm went off 1 hour before usually getting up. After lying there for 15 minutes, I wrestled myself out of bed and went to get my coffee. Sometimes with MS I find that nothing works until I get my coffee, but today nothing worked even after I had my coffee. The old brain decided that mental fog would be the order of the day and proceeded to derail me at every turn. I have a usual morning medical routine that I need in order to function for the rest of the day. I guess my subconscious decided that I needed a break from all that and it told me that my hair was a mess and I needed a quick trim. Well, that was a laughable experiment as was my hair by the time I gave up. Then the gray cells decided that not just the bathroom sink needed cleaning of hair, but a good chunk of the bathroom as well.

I then saw how late is was and quickly (OK with MS, nothing is 'quickly') got dressed and ate breakfast, by which time I decided I really should fix my glasses as my spare pair were not very nice, and as I was not looking great I needed my good pair. Well, I am not sure why I thought I could pick up one of those little screws, put it in place and screw it in, but I then frustrated myself well and truly by trying to do this myself, and then giving up in a sweat, I went to find someone to help me.

A Chinese girl staying with us fixed it nicely in 5 minutes and then I looked around and decided that I really should do a little rearranging of furniture. If I couldn't fix my appearance I would make something else look better. OK, I couldn't shift the sofa for some silly reason, though I gave it a good try, and I got another unsuspecting person to help me with that. By this time I was thinking that my MS was really acting up today, the brain fog showed no signs of lifting even after a cup of tea, and the tingling in my legs and spasticity were getting particularly bad. Walking back upstairs, I was feeling weak and strange and started to worry that maybe I might be in the beginnings of a relapse. This thought likes to pop in my head uninvited and it took up most of the remaining brain cells that were still firing. Worry is particularly tiring and I went to put my feet up on my bed to give it my full attention.

And that was when it struck me as I looked at my pill box. I forgot to TAKE MY TABLETS! It is amazing what a 3 hour delay to my regular pill popping can do to me. I think it may be time to start the day over, now that they are starting to work.

Post Script: After a litany of further messes and miss steps I think a good sleep and a fresh start is in order.

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