Nov 4, 2012

Moment by moment living.

I am so glad that we only get one day at a time; the challenge of getting through each one is enough to deal with, and I find that I look ahead in my diary as little as possible. We do not know the future for certain anyway, as we can see on TV, where those living on the East coast in the aftermath of Sandy are cold, hungry and disoriented. Plans have been wrenched away by the reality of surviving each day in a place where a very high standard of living was enjoyed days before. Not that I want to sound all gloomy, but I just find that the 24 hours a day are enough to deal with, and I am thankful that they only come a second at a time and 8 of those hours are spent in sleep.

We all have limitations, whether we are healthy or not, and that is how God meant for things to be.  Self-sufficiency feels like a badge of honor, and that is legitimate up to a point. I enjoy my capabilities; the satisfaction of doing something for myself without assistance is perfectly natural and good. But it can go too far when asking for help makes us cringe in shame, and feel like a failure. I had to learn the hard way that this in reality was pushing people away and a denial of the simple fact that we are not able to live without interdependent relationships, and reliance on a God that has power over things which we do not. My pride sets myself up as my hope and for a time this seems to work, but I always trip, one way or another, and instead of blaming others or my circumstances, like a child I have the choice to hold up my hand like and say, “help Daddy”. Our heavenly father, like any good human father has a heart that wells with pleasure at the simplicity of this instinctive trust and reliance. So today Sunday, as I lie in bed unable to get up and dressed for the day, my prayer is “Up Daddy”. Amen.
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