Nov 24, 2012

Seasons change.

Winter has just blown in with gale force winds spreading mayhem and sending the creatures that had, until yesterday been basking in the sun, scuttling for cover. We knew that this late warmth was not normal, shouldn’t have been like this, yet when we were reminded of what “things should have been like”, with one fell swoop we are left in shock, huddling for warmth and feeling that it just isn’t right.  We know intellectually that we are not being reasonable, that the warmth was the unusual experience in November in Minnesota, but emotionally the abrupt change in just a few hours from the relaxing, comfortable sunshine to how this technically should be, is a grating lurch.

This reminds me of the bigger picture where the difference in our innate sense of how things in a perfect world should be grates up against how things actually are. The shaking of our sense of “Rightness” with the actuality of life is something we can never escape this side of heaven. We have in us this awareness of what things should be like: Peace, love, happiness, this is what we long for, yet like the cold gale we are frequently hit by how things actually are. But I am so thankful that I can keep on hoping for the better, despite this chill, as I know that one day it will pass, one day all the things that are “not the way things should be” will be swept away, and the good will sweep in again. I am so glad that  on some longed for day they will stay for good, wiping away the memory of all that we have suffered in the joy of all that is to come; all will indeed be right again.
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