Jan 30, 2013

A fall on the ice.

Speaking of water and ice, yesterday after freezing rain hit the frozen ground we ended up with nearly .5 inch of ice (1cm). As I went out to collect the eggs and chip at the ice I took a dive, not into water but onto my back. With legs and arms flying, I hit the ground hard hurting my back and bumping my head and went to bed with a slight concussion and a cold pack on my spine. Today I am sore but my brain doesn't hurt and I am not light headed thankfully. I guess I was right not to like ice and I should have known better than trying to walk outside on it. My husband is now taking care of the chickens and I hope and pray that he doesn't meet the same fate.

P.S. Just had my second bad fall, I slipped on black ice and landed on my arm onro concrete steps. Thankfully I have not broken anything, but my arm is black and blue! Just ordered a new cane with good rubber grips.
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