Mar 8, 2013

Longing for Spring

the chicken coop
The clocks are springing forward this weekend and I am longing for Spring to come. Here in Minnesota it takes a long time - all this snow needs to melt and the days are barely above freezing. I am getting impatient and I bought some seeds today and am drooling over plant catalogues, even though the last frost is in May. I am a frustrated gardener but I am also longing for the plants in the woods to green out and for the morel mushrooms to grow and the birds to return. The chickens want out but not on snow. My Buff Orpington is broody and wants to hatch chicks. It does feel like everything is groaning and I am adding my guttural moan along with creation. Hope springs eternal, and I am waiting with longing heart for Springs return, along with the birds.

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