May 15, 2012

What lurks under the surface

This is Shoal Bay in Australia. My family likes to vacation here and it certainly feels and looks idyllic. However after many years of enjoying this place, with nieces swimming here most years, we have now discovered that underneath that azure water lies something sinister. We have now found out as a result of seeing a special on great white sharks off the coast of Australia, that this is where they live. Most of them hang out here for much of the year. "In this area they spend a significant amount of time in the surf zone in water depths of 1-5 metres where they are readily observable and frequently encountered by the public. This location in Port Stephens is one of only two known nursery areas for white sharks on the east Australian coast".
We won't be swimming here again. We now know better.
It seems like there are a few things in life like this where looks can be very deceiving. Sometimes we need an authority to point out what lies beneath the surface in order to be safe and wise.

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