Feb 13, 2013

A Greater Perspective.

This is a compelling view of a delta in India. Only from a satellite in space can we see the beauty of this view, with the winding rivers finding their way to the ocean. From the land this place must look very different, no doubt there is beauty in that as well, but this picture shows us so much more than the natural eye can see. I think that this illustrates well the fact that perspective changes how we see things, and when we are limited to our own personal perspective (the land locked one) we are limited to a pretty narrow way of seeing things and we miss out on so much more out there. God's perspective is so much greater than the view from a satellite, there is nothing hidden from His sight, even little old me. He sees things from every angle, caring about the hairs on our heads along with the sweep of history. He then is so gracious in communicating his perspective to us in his word. The bible helps us to see so much more, like this picture we can see things with his help that we would not see for ourselves.
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