Feb 11, 2013

The satisfaction of work well done.

It has been a very busy few weeks but at last I am able to stop and catch my breath. As I write I am enjoying a slow morning coffee in my warm and soft fleece dressing gown. The wind is howling outside and I am warm inside. Although I am tired, there is the sense that it is an honest tiredness that comes with the satisfaction of work well done. MS helps you to realize how many forms of tiredness there are; emotional, physical, illness related, work related, healthy tiredness and unhealthy tiredness. Of course there are also combinations of all the above. Today I have a healthy tiredness mixed with MS tiredness but it feels much better than the frustration of laying flat out tired, for no other reason than poor health.
Satisfaction is a good feeling, especially when your efforts are recognized and people express appreciation. This is a part of the fundamental nature of what it is to be human and I am thankful to be resting in it.
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