Jul 25, 2012

Margaret Olley

A lovely show about one of my favourite Australian artists. Her work is so alive.The show about her left me in awe with her dedication to her work. She painted up until the day she died at 88 and was prolific. Her energy comes through in each painting both with her brush strokes and her use of colour. I particularly like the colours she uses and would love to paint my house in those colours. I think it may drive my husband crazy if I let my house become as cluttered as hers, but I suspect that if I was left to my own devices that it may approach something like her home. I love to collect lovely things from nature at some point my husband asked if I could throw some things out before I brought more things in. I also collect blue china and have it hanging in my kitchen and on display in the cabinet and dining room. Plants and flowers fill the house as well, and I currently have a passion for orchids, though I am not good at keeping them alive.

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