Jul 18, 2012

Self portrait

I just created this picture, it isn't great but it expresses something of how I feel about living with MS. My feet and wrist are chained down by the weight of MS, the way it stops them moving and functioning the way they should. But my head and my heart are not chained, there is light and longing and ultimately hope. The end of my life is not the end of the story and one day I believe I will run in a free manner again. "No more pain or sorrow". That seed of freedom still lives in my heart.
My friend and mentor lifted me up today. She is the person I most respect and today she told me that she loves and honours me. So humbling and I am so grateful for all I still have. I know that there are many who are more alone. My church has been my lifeline and I am so thankful for it.
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