Jul 20, 2012

My teacher, mentor and friend is dying at the age of 97. While she felt strongly that death was the enemy, she equally felt strongly about where she was headed. When staying with us she would talk of dreaming about the marraige supper of the Lamb, and I know that she will be soon tasting it's fruits and reaping her reward for her strong and tangible faith. In many ways given her health, for her it will be a mercy. But today I feel surprised by how I feel like I have been knocked down. I have so much I need to do, but I was constantly distracted and even disoriented. I sat down and turned to the bible for calm and focus, and I realized quickly that I had been struck by real and heart breaking grief. Her death will be for me the end of a significant chapter in my life. She has shown me so much, both in her teaching and in her life. Her compassion, love, intelligence, playful spirit and ability to surprise, all make my heart well as I write these words down. She was very real, hardly perfect, but when she prayed it felt like Jesus was in the room. She loved beauty, intelligent conversation, she didn't put up with B.S., and she liked to look her best.

I am praying for you my friend, the ripples you sent out have bourne so much fruit. May you feel God's loving presence and find rest in all the hope you know to be true. I honour and love you.
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