Jul 13, 2012

Peace at last. I finally have some mental and physical space, I have enjoyed a week to myself without work demands. There is nothing like this for me to re-group and find my equilibrium. I have been enjoying my friendships again with lots of tea and visits on my lovely deck. My pastor's wife even took me grocery shopping, the one big thing I struggle with. The weather has finally cooled down and I am feeling more sane. The Lord is gracious, even though there is much uncertainty, He is my rock. The beauty of nature around me reminds me of his presence in a tangible way, there are so many birds visiting my birdbath; a red breasted grosbeak, an indigo bunting, and a cardinal bathing in my sprinkler were the highlights. The chickens are looking very grown up and are so lovely. Hopefully I will have eggs soon. Looking up and out are always helpful activities for me. There is so much to enjoy.
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